sleepless_ghost (sleepless_ghost) wrote in daria_fans,

Questions & Discussion

1.) Is there a list of the DVD replacement songs? Because I like them.
2.) If they made a live-action-remake of the show, would you watch it? If so, any thoughts on casting?
3.) Would you watch a new (animated) movie that shows Daria as an adult in her thirties, if it was written by Glenn?
4.) Did Tom and Daria have sex before they broke up in "Is It College Yet"?
5.) Did they ever release a couple of the musical songs? They're so catchy, I can't get them out of my head. "Manlyyyyyyyyyy!"

Anyhow, finished watching the DVDs last night. I don't regret having bought it. The replacement songs don't bother me (maybe because it has been a long time since the show aired and because I didn't see all of the episodes when they first aired to begin with).
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